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Greenwood, SC, is a place of surprising and unforgettable stories—stories of inspiration through music, art and history; one-of-a-kind shops and international cuisine; memorable festivals and breathtaking beauty. From the blue waters of Lake Greenwood to the green fairways of local golf courses to the colorful sights and sounds of Uptown Greenwood, you’ll find countless local stories to entertain, uplift and bring you back to tell your own unique Greenwood story.

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Greenwood is filled with friendly charm, outdoor beauty and historic importance. It’s where the locals always have an interesting story to tell. Hear a few of our stories—about railroads and inspirational leaders, lake life, great golf and whimsical topiaries. Learn about incredible music, mouthwatering food and historic battlegrounds. Learn a little more about us. Then, maybe, you’ll want to start your own Greenwood story. You’re guaranteed to love it like a local.

Battlegrounds & Heroes

Explore the beginnings of our nation at Ninety Six National Historic Site. New Park Superintendent Joshua Manley is excited to show off the park’s rich history, as well as nature, science and recreational opportunities.

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The Heartbeat That Built Greenwood

With a vision of a thriving future, Greenwood “built itself” around the energy of the railroad in the 1850s. That same forward-looking spirit keeps Greenwood growing today.

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The Fabric of Greenwood

Jay Self, president and CEO of GMI holding, shares a fascinating history of the Self family’s role in the growth of Greenwood.

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Rising Above Challenges

Chris Thomas and Shunna Jeter discuss how the legacy of Dr. Benjamin Mays continues to inspire, educate and help us learn about ourselves.

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Greenwood Yesterday & Today

Floyd and Mamie Nicholson have made a life out of helping grow the culture and community of Greenwood County with a passion specifically for helping the youth.

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Tying Past to Present

From the Revolutionary War to “Sin City,” from secret banking to baseball, explore the unique history of the Greenwood and the Hodges community with local history buff Chip Tinsley.

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The Good Life On The Lake

Greenwood became their ideal place to live, with inspiration, beauty and fun all around. It became, as Christina says, a place that feels like being on vacation every day.

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There's No Reason To Leave

We have first-class cultural opportunities ... and a very cool live music culture.

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The Groove of Greenwood

Greenwood has multiple beautiful venues to hear live music.

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Break on the Lake

Live music on the lake; seasonal menus include steaks, seafood..


Uptown Farmers

Shop fresh and local: fruits and vegetables; locally raised meats, local cheeses and dairy; baked goods and prepared gourmet cuisine; soaps and crafts.


Main and Maxwell,
Art by Hand

Handcrafted art, pottery, jewelry and gifts. Classes on photography, crafts, basketry, pottery.