Greenwood Still Has Stories to Tell

Locals love Greenwood—the sights, sounds, and tastes of Uptown; the beauty of the outdoors; the power of history; the arts that uplift us. Most of all, in spite of our current physical separation, we love Greenwood’s sense of community. Join us here each week as we talk to locals about the best things Greenwood has to offer.

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April 2, 2020

Over the last year, we’ve shared a few of the local stories that make Greenwood so special to the people who live here—and to those who visit us. As our new, temporary reality keeps us apart physically, we want to remind you of some of the things that keep us together as a community.

In this series, we’re checking in with some familiar faces, and with some new friends, to learn more about their daily lives, their community connections, the ways they continue to support Greenwood’s local businesses, and the adventures they are planning for that time (just around the corner, we hope) when we can all be together again, face to face.

Lake Greenwood at sunset.

For now, our visits are virtual, but we look forward to seeing you soon in our Uptown businesses, enjoying the music and art that are uniquely Greenwood, and savoring the tastes of our local, chef-run restaurants. Until then, be kind to each other, support our local businesses, and believe in a sunnier future.

Uptown Greenwood at night.

As you hear from the unique people who call Greenwood home, we hope you will plan to visit us as soon as possible. We know that, once you’re here, you’ll soon “love it like a local.” Be sure to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see what’s happening now and in the future.

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